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  Airman & Family Readiness Ctr (805) 606-0039  

Make the A&FRC your first and frequent stop during your VAFB tour. You will be introduced to your unit Community Readiness Consultant(s) for assistance in all of our core services/programs. Help yourself to a wide variety of resource materials from the Discovery Center tables.
Events & Classes
Information about programs/events and description of classes and schedules are found in the quarterly publication of the People Helping People Newsletter. You can click the link in the side column to see the newsletter.
Information & Referral (I&R)
The A&FRC core function is linking individuals and families with the right resource to meet their specific needs on base or in the local community. Your one-stop-shop for information. Our I&R partner is Military One Source, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  There is no cost to you for this valuable resource to navigate the military lifestyle. Go to: or call 1-800-342-9647

Transition Assistance Program (TAP)
If you are separating or retiring from the Air Force, TAP can help both you and your family by providing: Transition Counseling, Career Planning, Job Search Skills, Medical Records Review, Career Development, and access to employment opportunities and information

Relocation Assistance Program (RAP)
Are you relocating due to PCS, retirement, separation, extended TDY, or remote assignment? If the answer is yes, this program helps you reduce the stress of relocation by providing: installation information at with Plan My Move and Relocation Essentials, housing information at , Internet Access, Loan Closet, Sponsorship Training, and monthly Manage Your Move workshops

Career Focus Program (CFP)
Looking for employment? This program assists family members with short and long term career goals. It provides employment skill training to prepare customers for local and long distance job search. The CFP includes: local labor market information, skills and interest identification, skills development workshops, job bank or job referrals, linkages to job alternatives, networks for employment contacts, networks for support, and marketing.

Air Force Aid Society (AFAS)
AFAS is a non-profit organization that helps the Air Force take care of its own emergencies through interest-free loans or grants for basic needs, and emergency travel. Go to for more information.
Volunteer Resource Program (VRP)
Want to volunteer? This program serves as a central resource for base-wide and local community volunteer activity. It also gives oversight to quarterly, annual, and the Volunteer Excellence Awards.
Personal Financial Readiness Program (PFRP)
This program offers information, education, and personal financial counseling focused on long-term solutions to financial problems. Workshops include: Financial Basics, Financial Planning, Investments, Thrift Savings Plan, and Home-Buying/Foreclosure Prevention.
Family & Work Life Skills (FLS)
These are programs designed to help single and married Retiree, Civilian, and Air Force members and their family members adapt to current and future changes in their lives. Workshops and seminars for parenting, marital enrichment, stress management, and effective communication skills are presented in conjunction with other base agencies, or presenters from the local community. Heart Link is featured for spouses married to the military less than five years or new to Vandenberg AFB and have never attended a Heart Link. The Key Spouse program helps spouses be connected and informed at the unit level.
Personal & Family Readiness Services (PFRS)
The Personal Readiness NCO provides assistance and support to individuals, families and leadership during mobilization, deployments, evacuations, local/national emergencies, and disaster response. Briefings are provided for family care planning, pre-deployment, deployment, and reunion. Global Hearts Group (GHG) offers access to many free or low cost services with the GHG Gold Card. Go to the Global Hearts page for more information.
Military Child Education Coordinator (MCEC)
The MCEC assists base leadership, parents and local schools with concerns affecting dependent child education- disseminates school information to military families, and informs school personnel on issues relevant to the military member’s school attendance including transition and deployment.
Food Pantry (All Volunteer)
Volunteers assist military personnel and their family members experiencing financial hardship, by collecting and distributing donated food and other products on a monthly schedule. Emergency food assistance is provided by A&FRC staff members.
Military & Family Life Consultant (MFLC)
Military & Family Life Consultant (MFLC). Licensed consultants offer short term, situational, problem-solving counseling services to service members and their families. They address any non-medical concern that relate to the military life style such as relationships, stress management, grief after loss, and family issues. No records are kept! Call 805-588-3302 to make an appointment.  See the Counseling Resources trifold brochure for additional information.

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