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Breakers Dining Facility
The Breakers Dining Facility features a full complement of dining choices, including a full service main line, snack line, salad bar, pasta station, soup and potato bar, and a wide array of beverages. For a more pleasant dining atmosphere, customers have the choice of several different "theme rooms" based on their preferences, including sports, history, news, and garden rooms. The Breakers typically feeds around 570 meals per day and is open to all authorized permanent party and TDY personnel.
Holiday Meals
The Breakers also likes to cook up special meals during the holidays. Eligible diners have the opportunity to stop by for a meal during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other holidays - even your birthday! We offer a quarterly birthday meal, complete with cake. If your birthday lies within the three month period, you're invited to stop by and celebrate with us!
Menus and Events

Eligible Breakers Patrons
The following customers are eligible to use the dining facility:

  • Military members (officer and enlisted) and DoD civilians while in TDY status to Vandenberg AFB - if their TDY orders authorize use of dining facilities.
  • Active duty, to include officers and enlisted, and their family members on federal holidays, Easter and the Air Force Birthday.
  • Enlisted members who receive BAS may dine during breakfast only on Monday through Friday, and during all meals on weekends
  • Spouse and dependent children of active duty E-1 to E-4 may dine during breakfast on Monday through Friday and during all meals on weekends.
  • Members and chaperones of organized nonprofit youth programs (as defined in AFI 34-239) sponsored at either the national or local level when extended the privilege of visiting Vandenberg AFB.
  • Retired military members and their spouses may dine during breakfast from 0730 to 0830, lunch from 1230-1330, and during normal hours for dinner and weekend meals. Includes bona fide dependents of retired military members possessing a valid DoD identification card.
  • Guests of Essential Station Messing (ESM) members, for any meal period, while accompanied by the member, limited to one guest (non-immediate family) per visit and any immediate family members.
  • Extended family members of dependents of service members deployed are authorized to participate in the Global Hearts Meal Program on Thursday evenings. Extended family members are defined as parents, parents-in-law, grandparents, grandparents-in-law, siblings and siblings-in-law.

Global Hearts
Spouses of Deployed Members (all ranks) are invited to eat at the Breakers Dining Facility Thursdays at 5:30 pm. It is open to all family members of deployed and remote personnel. Stop by Bldg. 11013 to get a card. POC 606-3219
Advisory Board
Dining Facility Customers: Do you have questions or concerns that you want to share with your food service personnel? Let us know at the next Dining Facility Advisory Board meeting at the Breakers Dining Facility. The board meets quarterly in Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct. For more information contact Food Service at 606-3219.
Wireless Access & Cyber Cafe
Breakers now offers wireless access in the designated wi-fi zones. Don't have a laptop? Don't worry! Use the two desktop computers located at the Cyber Cafe. The Cyber Cafe is for use by eligible Breakers patrons.
* Log in information and a list of rules is available at Cyber Cafe.

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(** Designated Retiree Hours)

Box Meal Service:
Orders Must Be Placed
Two Hours Prior To
Pick Up
Pick Up By 1930
Pick Up 1800

Saturday, Sunday
and Holidays


Bldg 13330, located on Kansas Ave near Vandenberg Lodging.


Wireless Access
is available to our


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