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Kids' Programs At Their Best
Youth Programs assist DoD military and civilian personnel in balancing the competing demands of family life and the accomplishment of the DoD mission. Some of these programs include Boys and Girls Clubs of America and the 4H Program.

Participants in AF Youth Programs have access to high-quality, developmentally appropriate program resources and materials in the following areas:
  • Character and Leadership
  • Education and Career Development
  • Health and Life Skills
  • The Arts
  • Informal Sports, Fitness and Recreation
  • League Youth Sports Programs
  • School Age Program

About the Youth Center
As an affiliate of the Boys and Girls Club of America, Youth Programs at Vandenberg strives to offer the best in the wholesome and worthwhile leisure time activities for the family members of active duty, retired military and civilian employees of the base. Parent participation is highly encouraged, and any volunteer aid for sports activities, or from someone with knowledge and expertise in a specific field is always welcome. The Youth Activities Program runs many different activities including sports programs, instructional courses, and social functions.

For more information visit the official Air Force Youth Programs website.
The Youth Center also has a Youth Advisory Council that meets the first Wednesday of each month at 5:00 p.m. Come meet the Director and bring your ideas and input to help improve life for Vandenberg's youth. The meeting is open to all youth, members and non-members.
Open Recreation Program
Kids ages 9-18, still attending school, are encouraged to take part in our Open Recreation Program. In addition to regular activities including swimming, bowling, and arts and crafts, many other special programs are planned throughout the year.

Members of open recreation can use their membership cards to check out equipment and receive discounts on special dances and other events. The cost is $5 each day for non-members. The Youth Center has a basketball court, game room, lounge and computer lab available. Nonmembers will be charged one dollar each session. Open Recreation membership is only $50.00 for an entire year.
Feedback on the Open Rec programs is encouraged. If you currently have children enrolled in the Open Rec Program, please complete this survey and return it to the Youth Center staff. Form AF-88
School Age Program
The youth center offers a Nationally Accredited school age program for children in grades K-8. Full day camps are offered on no school days, spring break and winter break. Summer Camp runs through Jun-Aug. Registration starts Apr. There is a $20 registration fee for the School Age Program.

Our program promotes higher level thinking skills for your child through science, 4-H, physical fitness, clubs, woodworking, sewing, drama and kids' choice. Call for Current Rate Information
Drop-in care is available for $5.00/hour

DD Form 2652
Fee Chart FY 2011
Multi-Cultural Survey

Looking for a capable and responsible babysitter? Just drop by the Youth Center, or call us and ask for our list of Red Cross Certified Caregivers. We also keep lists of Home Daycare Providers on hand.

Give Parents A Break Program
The "Give Parents A Break" Program is offered once a month to Active Duty families. This program is intended to assist parents under stress, due to the many transitions military families face. To participate in this program, a referral form, 1181 emergency contact sheet and current immunization record must be on file with the facility. Patrons can request a referral from a Squadron Commander, First Sergeant, Chaplain, Medical Professional, the Family Support Center, or the Child Development Center. Call Youth Center for more information.

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Front Desk


Open Recreation (School Year):


Bldg 16170, located near the intersection of Sumersill Ave and Juniper Street

Youth Center
Open Rec

Mon-Fri at 2:30 pm
during the school year
If you need child care
before this time on
school holidays and
minimum days you will
need to register your
child in the youth
centers School Age
Program drop in care.
Please call 606-2152
for more info.

Sponsorship Program
All persons interested
in becoming a youth
sponsor or being
sponsored please contact the youth
center to get
youth information
on the community.
Click Here for info.

A program for all Air
Force teens in high
school that volunteer
at the youth center or
other approved
organizations to earn
scholarship money for
Please contact the
Youth Programs
director for details.


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