Military Personnel Section (MPS)

We are located at 11777, C-Wing (Corner of California & Utah). Give us a call at 805-606-2276. Our ours are Mon-Wed/Fri 0830-1530, Th 1100-1530, 1st Fri 0900-1530, Closed all Federal Holidays and AFSPC Family Days

Customer Support
(606-2276 or Email)

Force Management (606-7681)

Career Development (Email)

  • Assignment Actions / Base Out-Processing
  • Officer / Enlisted Promotions
  • Offical Passports (Assignments / Deployment only)
  • Reenlistments / Extensions / Retirements / Separations
    • To include: Adminstrative Discharge Actions, Career Job Reservations, Career Status Bonus, Force Management/Retention Boards, and Initial Enlistment Bonus.
    • Call 606-2908

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