We at fss can do design and printing for any squadron on base,
private org, or individual who may need help with their marketing or advertsing efforts for a small fee. You can find the pricing for this by clicking the link below.
General Printing Price Sheet or FOG Magazine Pricing

Unfortunately, we cannot do any base wide emails for any event outside of FSS. Please contact Public Affairs for this type of request.

Process for submitting a work order:

1. Please review price sheet.
2. Decide on a clear idea of exactly what you will need for your event.
3. Either design a product to be printed or send us an idea of what
direction you are looking to go (theme, color scheme, etc.) for
your marketing material.
4. Fill out a work order.
5. Submit that work order and give a detailed EMAIL explaining a
little bit about your event or call for this discussion (805) 606-0276

The Marketing Department is the administrator of this website, please contact Kara Montano directly if you see any issues or updating that needs to be addressed.






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