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Global Hearts Events
The library hosts a special quarterly event as part of the Global Hearts program for deployed families.
Each Thursday, the library has storytime and crafts for preschool children at 10 a.m. Walk-ins are always welcome, but please call ahead to reserve a spot. A year around event.

Call the library at 606-4300 for a story. The story usually changes on Sunday, and is available 24/7 for kids of all ages.

Professional Reading
The Library supports the Chief of Staff Reading and the Space Professional Reading Lists. We have the books and information on these and other professional reading lists. If you are interested in participating in a book group, please contact the library.

CLAF Notes
The Vandenberg Library needs your help, we are creating Reader Guides called CLAF NOTES. The guides will feature summaries, analysis and general information about the books and authors from the CSAF and Space Professional Reading Lists. The library has created booklets on all the books on these lists, and wants to add Vandenberg's readers input in the next editions. If you have read or going to read books on either of these lists and would like to contribute information and feedback or want assistance in understanding these books contact Dixie or Christine at the Base Library.

Reading Patch Club
Kids Pre-School through High School, can earn a reading genre patch for every 5 books they read. They need to fill out a short report on each story read, then bring the form into the library and pick out their patch. Patch are cloth based and can be sewn on hats, jackets, backpacks, etc.

Summer Reading Program 2011!
This program is designed for children ages 3 to 13, teens and adults who love to read! Details to come...

Teen Read Month - Sept/Oct
For four weeks we have mysteries and puzzles to solve, and the finale is the Mystery Dinner Theatre-eat pizza while solving a mystery.
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