Transition Assistance Program (TAP)

Congratulations on your upcoming transition into civilian life. In order to best assist you with your transition you will be required to attend the Vandenberg Air Force Base Transition Program (TAP GPS).

TAP GPS is required in order to ensure that you will have all your career readiness standards met. Those standards will be met through numerous briefings/workshops.

The first step is attending the Pre-Separation Counseling Briefing which can be done as early as 2 years out if retiring or 1 year out if separating. The TAP GPS workshops are VA Benefits I & II, Financial Planning, MOC Gap Analysis, Dept of Labor Employment Workshop, Career Technical Training TAP GPS, Boots 2 Business (Entrepreneurial/small business ownership) TAP GPS, Accessing Higher Education TAP GPS and Capstone.

For information related to your Survivor Benefit Plan or Casualty assistance, please contact Brian Robertson at [email protected] or call 605-2029.

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