HQ AF has reinstated AF MilTA for FY13, AFVEC is open for submission of
TA request.

1.  MilTA is reinstated under all the existing rules and policies.
Semester hour caps and yearly funding ceilings remain. 

2.   There will be no retroactive or after-the-fact payments to students who
used another funding source for classes during the MilTA suspension.  In
other words, airmen will not receive MilTA funding for any classes taken
between 11 Mar and 9 April. Any invoices with TA forms with start dates
during this time will be rejected.

3.  As MilTA starts again, encourage Airmen use CLEP/DSST, etc to complete
degree requirements. Remind them that retesting is no longer funded and to
use all available resources to prepare. Also, work with students and be very
clear on waivers, reimbursements, incompletes, etc and student's
responsibilities to successfully finish courses.


Contact the Education Center if you have any further questions. (805) 605-5900

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