60 Days of Summer

Information, Tickets & Travel (ITT) 60 Days of Summer Promotional Give-A-Way!

May 6 - July 26, 2013 (Monday - Friday) Exactly 60 Days

Who Can Play: Anyone that has access to Vandenberg Air Force Base can play. *30FSS ITT, ODR, Engraving, and Marketing employees and families are exempt.
How It Works: Enjoy discounted prices and purchase ticket(s) to any Theme Park, Hotel, or Trip that ITT, and Vandenberg Leisure Tours, has to offer and then a copy of the receipt(s) will be entered to win a drawing for an amazing weekly prize and a Grand Prize.

Hassle Free: The Ticket Agent will ask you for a telephone number and first and last name. You do not need to be present to win.

Weekly Prize drawing will be held Every Friday at 2pm.

Spin the Wheel Of Prizes: During the week (Mon-Thur) you will get a chance to spin a wheel of prizes. On the wheel are different give-a-ways, such as movie tickets, stuffed toy, bags from Best Western Stovall's, and much more.

Winners: Prize winners will have a photo opportunity and their picture will be posted on our website www.30FSS.com for publicity.

Prizes From: Castle Inn & Suites, Universal Studios Hollywood, Universal Sheraton Hotel, Ravine Water Park SLO, NASCAR, Boomers, Napa Wine Train, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Lego Land, SeaWorld, Armed Forces Vacation Club, PCPA Theaterfest, and more.

Grand Prize: Armed Forces Vacation Club- 7 Days at any Resort (selected resorts)

Discount Tickets: Updated 5/20/13

Some vendors that are participating:



Bldg 10250 Vandenberg AFB

60 DOS Vendors


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